Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Color (s): White, yellow, black
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 2

Disembodied, also known as Donald Duck by the fans, is an iconic Disney character, and a minor antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Disembodied is, as his name indicates, a head without a body. Specifically, the head of a Donald Duck suit. It has eyes, but they are black and shiny. Unlike the original Donald Duck and the Disembodied featured in the original teaser image, he is missing his blue sailor hat.


  • Disembodied is one of the three suits who don't attack the player, the others being Pluto and Ace's head.
  • According to the creepypasta that the game is based off of, he has a human skull inside him.
  • In the first promotional artwork image, Disembodied is shown to wear a blue sailor hat like his original counterpart, but the hat is absent in the final game's release, most likely to avoid copyright issues.
  • Disembodied's quack sound is just one sound repeated with many edits of the pitch and frequency.
  • The word "Disembodied" means to be separated from or existing without a body.