This is the page with the list of the Easter Eggs from Five Nights at Treasure Island.



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Pluto can very rarely appear at the left door of the Office in the original Five Nights at Treasure Island demo. He is not hostile.

In the remastered demo's game files, a file named "office_dog" exists of Pluto at the left entrance of the Office. It is unknown if he can appear in the remastered demo.


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Mortimer is a gray-scale Mickey Mouse suit that starts in the Broadcasting Room. When he becomes active, the music from the Suicidemouse.avi mockup will play and the television in the Broadcasting Room turns on. It will remain on for the rest of the night.

When he enters a room, the area around him darkens and, sometimes, certain things will change around him such as the Character Prep 1 posters which will change to an image of his face.