God is an anonymous, unknown female figure that can be found in the downloadable minigame TBmHC. Upon inputting 777 + the first button on the left, an image will pop up depicting God staring at the player. It is unknown what her effect on gameplay will be.



God's look in the updated game is currently unknown at this time.


It's currently unknown what God's behavior is.


God's original starting location has been confirmed to be in the Meat Freezer. Her movement pattern is unknown. It is unknown if she will be hostile in the new version or not.

Future Updates

  • It has been confirmed GOD will have a voice in the game, and that she will be voiced by Tia.


  • GOD is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being Impure Mouse and Daisy Duck.
  • According to Tia, Oswald and God are connected in some way.