Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Color (s): Dark yellow, black
Starting Location: The Office
First appearance: Night 3

Pluto is one of the Easter Eggs in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. He is found on Night 3 in the original demo only. He has been confirmed to act like Disembodied and Goofy's Head, attracting other suits into The Office.


Pluto appears not to be very different from his appearance from the Disney universe, apart from his face; that appears to be rather gloomy-looking and wrinkly, with black, empty eyes and no teeth, almost like a wearable suit. His body seems to be slightly thinner and almost skeleton-like. His green collar is also missing.


It has been confirmed by the game's creator, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez that Pluto will act like Disembodied and Ace's head, attracting other suits into the office. It is unknown if he will be at all hostile.


Pluto's locations are unknown, but he teleports to the far left of the office randomly during Night 3.


  • Pluto is one of 4 suits that won't attack the player, the others being Disembodied, Ace's head.
  • According to game creator Matthew, Pluto is linked to Undying.