Species Mouse
Gender Male
Color(s) Grayscale
Starting location CAM 3
First appearance Night 1

Willy is the Main antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Willy is the main toon in Treasure Island. He is Grayscale colored and chubby Mickey mouse toon from the 1928 Steamboat Willie cartoon. He has a similar Appearance to Mortimer. He's also missing his hat.


Willy is hostile. He can move throughout most of the locations. Just like the other Toons, shutting down a camera will make Willy leave the Office. Despite of being one of the easiest of all of the toons, he is still the most active.


Willy starts in Character Prep 1 and can move to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and The Office.


  • The name "Willy" comes from the title of the 1928 Disney short film Steamboat Willie.
  • In the Found Version of the Game, Willy starts in the Lounge, and he starts at night 4
  • In the Same Version of the Game, Willy only moves when you use the cameras to much.
  • In the Fan made Revival Game He behaves similar to how he does here, and he starts at night 7.



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